What Makes One Happy?/Martin Rosenfeld

A Harvard Professor by the name of Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar wrote a popular book on happiness. The book, based on a successful course Dr. Ben-Shahar taught at Harvard, is entitled “Happier”. This book is a wonderful read and offers the reader much to ponder. At the end of the chapters, the author provides an exercise to engage the reader. Towards the book’s end, Dr. Ben-Shahar has this to say: “Think of a conflict, major minor, that you have with another person…In writing, elaborate on the price that you and the other party are paying in the ultimate current. (Note: The author refers to happiness as the ultimate currency. MR) Is the price worth it?

For those involved in divorce disputes, commercial disputes, employment disputes, etc., you would do well to ask yourself this question: Is it worth it? Life is short and uncertain as we all now feel in the most dramatic way. Is living with rancor and confrontation worth it? Is litigation the best way? Once again, the answer seems clear…mediate don’t litigate.

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