The Power of Mediation/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Family Law litigator, Steven Kolodny, was recently interviewed by Family Lawyer Magazine in 2018. He was asked why he chose to practice Family Law. This was part of his response: “I chose family law because it is the only area of law that gives you the opportunity to make a positive difference in the future lives of people.” I agree with such a sentiment. Getting a party a large settlement in tort law may make for a very satisfied client. But will it make a positive difference in their future lives? Perhaps. The recovery may get them proper health care, freedom from worry about future income, etc. But how often does this happen? Helping parties resolve their disputes, and moving on, ALWAYS makes a positive difference in people’s future lives.

The Talmud rightfully states that “There is no joy as great as the joy of resolving uncertainties”. A successful mediation can bring reconciliation. It can give the parties new-found communication possibilities. At the very least, it allows parties embroiled in controversy the chance to “clear the deck” and move on with life. That is the kind of uncertainty that needs to be resolved. A mediator who can achieve this in her/his work has truly made a “positive difference” in the lives of others. That is the true fringe benefit of being a professional mediator.

It is not all about winning:

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